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How does it feel to wear specs for the first time

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How does it feel to wear specs for the first time How does it feel to wear specs for the first time How does it feel to wear specs for the first time

How does it feel to wear specs for the first time

In the late days of COVID, I found myself at a restaurant with my brother and his friends, sipping wine and having a good time.

As the evening progressed, I noticed that the temperature settings on the AC were blurry, and I couldn’t read the number. My brother and I couldn’t figure it out, but his friend, who wore glasses, quickly told us it was set at 17 degrees Celsius and the AC was from Voltas.

Curious, I tried on his glasses powered -0.25, and to my surprise, everything became clear. Until then, I had never realized that I had an issue with my eyesight. The next day, I thought about getting an eye checkup, but I kept putting it off.

Life went back to normal after the lockdown ended, and I returned to Kathmandu.

Later during the federal elections; I had to travel to my hometown Butwal, where I noticed that I couldn’t read the text on sacks clearly. Even my parents could read it better than me!

Finally, I decided to visit a community hospital with my brother to get my eyes checked. The process was surprisingly paperless and computerized. The eye specialist quickly diagnosed that my eyes were dry due to prolonged computer use and suggested I get glasses powered -0.5, and use hydrating drops.

At the nearby specs counter, my brother and I had fun trying out different frames. I settled on a rectangular black frame, which he jokingly compared to a character from Money Heist; the Professor.

I paid NRS 2400 for the glasses and returned two days later to collect them.

At first, wearing the glasses was like magic – everything was clear! But soon, I noticed that things appeared slanted and bulgy, especially while walking or being in enclosed spaces. My laptop screen seemed asymmetric, causing me discomfort during work.

I turned to the internet for answers, called all my friends and family who wore glasses but opinions were mixed. In the end, I decided to give it a week, wearing my glasses consistently. Surprisingly, with time, everything started looking symmetric again, and my vision improved significantly.

The experience taught me that sometimes giving things time can be the best solution. Now, I proudly wear my glasses, enjoying the clarity they bring to my life – no more squinting at hoarding boards or straining my eyes at the laptop.

It’s all about finding the right perspective, even in the blurriest of situations!

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