Baseless And Biased Opinions On Social Medias | What To Do?

I just saw one post that was been shared by one of my friend in the list. It read something like “8 men brutally raped a pregnant goat and left it dead”. I then went through the comment section, peoples there were fighting over religion and sex regarding the same issue.

I don’t know this kinda things really happen or they are just part of rumors. I don’t mean to hurt anybody or counter this, but no any proof just a photo in middle and two sentences up and down; people start to throw opinions and fight over religion and gender without any concrete research and authenticity.

When one gets alleged of raping a girl or say different guilt, people share his photo on social medias with caption that literally kills him socially. Where is the world heading? Why don’t one understand that a guy until he’s proven guilty is an innocent. You don’t have any kind of right to share his photos and write anything you wish for.

Coming back to the page where i saw that news. Where did the page get that news from? Did they hire a reporter? Or they saw that news in  any portal? Was their any kind of source mentioned? If such things happen they are really bad but the thing is everyone here in social medias and internet ought to be wise and responsible. Everyone here should  act as a responsible media. You write and share a simple thing taking it as a joke, or a realism but it doesn’t now need that time to things get viral.

So all the medias out there please be responsible, share stuffs with concrete research and analysis. Don’t just throw a baseless and biased view to create rumors and to attain cheap publicity. And viewers you have the great power. People and medias now, brainwash and manipulate you. It’s totally you who read that perceive that and interpret that. You must have the sense of good judgement. Where to react and where to remain quiet. When you see a bad post, click-baits, false news for publicity stunts don’t rush to share it and fight in comment section. They are bloody attention seekers just try to ignore them, ignoring them is the best way to cease from making such things go viral.

Weapons are second things  I guess media will be the prime reason for world war 3. So Lets be responsible and wise!

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